Spin2Money Review 2022 – Is Spin2money Legit or Scam?

Spin2Money Review 2022

Hello Readers, You are welcome to Reviewpills on Spin2Money Review, In this article we discussed alot about Spin2Money, We want you to know if Spin2Money is Legit or Scam, Paying, Genuine or they are just Hyping.

Everyday alot of make money online platforms showcases and it’s alarming because 75% were later discovered to be scam, So people are afraid to get themselves involve in this make money online system.

Alot has happened but then there are still few genuine ones that actually pay their users, though finding such platforms is not easy at all. In today’s post you will find out if Spin2Money is among the few genuine ones or they are also Scam.

Meanwhile this are the Sub-Topics we will be dealing on, What is Spin2Money, How does Spin2Money works, Who is the Founder of Spin2Money, Spin2Money Withdrawal, Spin2Money referral system, Is Spin2Money legit or Scam and alot more.

When you are done reading this post you will know if you can involve yourself in this make money online platform or you will borrow extra leg and run as fast as you can.

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Let’s get started with the review already.

What is Spin2Money.

Spin2Money is a money making platform that allows you to earn by just spinning the wheel, Each time you spun the Spin2Money wheel you will be able to earn certain amount of money.

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Spin2Money is a South Africa online money making platform, when you register on this platform you will be given 1 spin daily and this one Spin you can earn $0.68 per spin. Though to earn more from this platform, you use your referrals link and invite people to join.

How does Spin2Money Works/ Spin2Money Referrals

Spin2Money allow you to get paid daily by doing simple tags.

# First you register on the platform

# Spin Wheel per day to earn

# No investment is attached.

# Get Instant Payment.

Spin2Money claim that earning money worth $500 is easy as ABC, it’s just by clicking the Spin Button and earn as much as possible depending on you account rank.

So all you need is to get Started and get
1× Spin daily that will earn you $0.68 per spin. And you will get 10% bonus if you refer or invite your friends using your referrals link.

Spin2Money Packages.

It was stated that registration is free and you will start earning money on Spin2Money by just spinning the wheel, But then remember that even in freetown everything is not free so here are the packages in Spin2Money. Though it’s not compulsory, it’s only for those who want to earn more.

So if you want to earn up to $500 per day then you choose a package, Meanwhile am not asking you to do that unless they are legit and not Scam which you will find out below this article.

These are the Packages.

Starter Package (Free)

Bronze Package ($20)

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Silver Package ($50)

Gold Package ($120)

Platinum Package ($250)

Diamond Package ($600)

Super Diamond Package ($2000)

King Package ($5000)

Spin2Money Withdrawal

Before you request for withdrawal, you must make the minimum withdrawal threshold of $5. So if you earn total of $5 then you request for withdrawal from the site.

Spin2Money Review

Now that you are at this point of this Spin2Money Review, It’s time to make your decision whether to join them ore not. Here you can check out the Authenticity of the site to know if they are legit or Scam.

Website Name: Spin2Money

Website Link: Spin2Money.com

Domain Registration Date: Registered on the 2022/04/01

Domain Expiry Date: The Domain will Expires on 2023/04/01

Trust Score: There are no trust score found on the web.

Trust Rank: Sorry no Trust Rank found.

Website Authenticity: We are unable to find physical office details that’s if they have one.

Contents Quality: Contents are copied 85%

Contact Details: We found Email Address info@spin2money.com, And a live support section, https://t.me/spin2money

Social Media: We can’t find other Active social media handle apart from their Telegram Live Support.

Founder/CEO: The Founder or CEO of Spin2Money is hidden, We can’t tell if the owner is he or She.

Website Template: The website template is similar to other crashed make money online platform, The design doesn’t look Unique at all.

Users Review: We can’t find users review or positive feedback on the site.

Trustpilot: Spin2Money is not on Trustpilot.

Is Spin2Money Legit or Scam

Sorry we can’t say this site is Legit in as much as we don’t want tag them scam, The platform is newly launched and cannot say they are Legit or Scam, But Are you seeing the Domain registration date, It’s just a month and 2 days website. There is more to look into before joining this platform.

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Although, you can just try out the starter plan since it’s free, but don’t invest in it yet as you don’t want to regret later.


We have come to the conclusion of the Spin2Money Review 2022, Are you are user on this platform, Do you have something to tell us about them, please drop it at the comment box below as it will be useful for people who are planning to register and those that are on the ground of investing into this Spin2Money Platform to make more earnings.

Meanwhile thank you for talking your time to read from our Spin2Money Review.

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