Runwayrewards credit card Scam – (May 2022 Review) Best Info

Runwayrewards credit card Scam - (May 2022 Review)

Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam Review

Hey There, Welcome Reviewpills  Runwayrewards credit card Scam review. Do you know that the Comenity Bank in the United States is the one that offers Runwayrewards credit card?

Okay today, we are discussing about Runwayrewards credit card Scam review. We are going to give basic information in this review about the Runwayrewards credit card.

To those that regularly purchase a good number of products with their family from New York & Company then the best is to opting in for Runwayrewards Credit Card.

Are you aware that Runwayrewards now gives you fantastic options for transactions raging from cash advances, BTs, and cheques?

It is no more news that several credit card companies actually scammed their customers, So with this we want make review on Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam.

Please do yourself a favour and read this article to the end, As we are starting the review now. So head up.

About the Runwayrewards Credit Card

Recently there alot of questions that has been featured about Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam but until date we have not seen any posts or news reporting that Runwayrewards Credit card is a Fraud.

We the team of Reviewpills tried to review Runwayrewards if they are Scam, Fraud, Fake or any word you will likely want to use on them. To our surprise, we are unable to get any information from the reliable reviewing sites, Social media, News Portals nor any feedback or bad rating regarding fraud was found on the Internet.

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So if you want to order Runwayrewards Credit Card then you will have to use this here to Apply.

Note that, if you are applying for the Runwayrewards Credit Card, it’s only the Comenity Bank that will be able to Issue a Physical Credit Card that will delivered your home address.

What You Need To Know To Avoid Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam.

Are you ready to get your own Runwayrewards Credit Card? Okay, In other not to get yourself confuse and to avoid the word SCAM, Read this carefully.

Comenity Bank actually offers two Runwayrewards Credit Cards, One of these cards are called Regular Runwayrewards Credit Card, which offers lesser benefits when compared to that of the V.I.P Card.

The basic Runwayrewards card offers up to $10 reward for every $200 you spent, You have Birthday savings that can be clubbed with other offers and also free shipment days, coupons, these offers can be clubbed with Runwayrewards which is super.

On the other hand we have the V.I.P Runwayrewards that offers up to $20 Rewards if you spent $200. The Percentage they give Annually is of the Rate of 26.24%. And they charge $41 for late payments and also $25 on returned payments.

Runwayrewards give cash advances from ATMs to avoid PoS machine Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam, so you can request taking a Cash Advances from them if you want to.

Users need to take one transaction every month of each rolling Calendar year to keep the Runwayrewards Credit Card Active. If you are planning on using V.I.P Runwayrewards Credit Card then you will have to spend $400 excluding return to be able to qualify for V.I.P Card.

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We made further research about Runwayrewards Credit Card on the official website of Comenity Bank to know more about Runwayrewards fraud and were redirected to users Identity theft page, and this particular page is displaying guidelines for dealing with fraud. So if you notice that your information is compromised, it is advisable that you contact, Equifax, TransUnion, Experian and place an alert on your account.

The Comenity Bank did provide general guidelines users can follow to request a credit report from credit reporting agencies and also they can review the report for any fraudulent charges due to Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam.

So in a norm, If you find any charges on your account that you are not aware of, then you can file a dispute with the Runwayrewards dispute resolution team and everything will be sorted out.

In case of any fraudulent activities found on your Runwayrewards account, the customer or user have to make a report to FTC and the police.


The issues gathered about Runwayrewards during our Research was the common Credit Card issues found on almost every credit card, but there are no indication from Customers or Using stating that Runwayrewards Credit Card is Scam or whatever. That is to say that Runwayrewards Credit Card is not scam and it’s recommended to be use with no fear.

Although there are other Credit Cards that are Scam, So if you get scammed by any credit cards Company, do not hesitate to report them. Use this Credit Card Fraud Report Link here to make you report.

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Meanwhile we have come to the end of Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam Review, And we appreciate you for reading this review from us. Do you think our review is informative enough? Drop a piece for us by using the comments section below.

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