Nicekicksshop Reviews, Is Nicekicksshop Fake or Real, (Best Of June 2022)

Nicekicksshop Reviews Reviews, Is Nicekicksshop legit or Scam, Find Out

Are you here to read the Actual Nicekicksshop Reviews to know if the shoe-selling portal legit or Scam, Genuine, Fake or Real? Then relax and read this post understand and know more of their legitimately.

I guess you love wearing shoes from popular brands and you are here to scrutinized the authentic review of the so called Shoes are of different size and variety, some worn out due to sessions and some are on occasions.

According to those living in United States and Canada, shoes should be of exclusive quality and comfortable. So in this article, I am going to define the available hints for and if you have the thirst that can detect Nicekicksshop review then you have to continue reading this post to learn all you need about Nicekicksshop below.


Nicekicksshop is an online Shopping Portal that said to produce replica Nice Kicks. According to the website, they have two brands which includes GET and Perfectkicks. The portal stated that they created the website in 2006 in other to satisfy customers requirements.

Nicekicksshop Website also state that their China-Based factories provide quick transportation and they offer safer packaging. To maintain a good reputation they make sure that their executives take care of the products and customers order, With this they can gain good reputation in the virtual shopping world.

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Let’s take further useful details about Nicekicksshop to estimate their legitimacy( Is Nicekicksshop legit.)

Nicekicksshop Products
Nicekicksshop Products

Nicekicksshop Specifications

  • Nicekicksshop Website address is by visiting the link, it will get you to the e-commerce site.
  • Refund arrangement is within 3 days after sending you email for refund.
  • There is missing Newsletter area on this portal.
  • The firm’s address is not found on the website.
  • Nicekicksshop WhatsApp contact number is +85265261729.
  • The available payment method on the website are PayPal, credit or debit cards and WeChat and Taobao pay are the accepted ones.
  • The shoes listed Nicekicksshop are Air Jordan, Yeezys, etc.
  • According to the return policy statement on the website, buyers can only be attended to within 24 hours of return request.
  • Nicekicksshop email address is
  • Nicekicksshop has no social media icons on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Exchange Policy is within 3 days, you will be able to exchange an item within 3 working days.
  • Ordered products shipping is usually within 24 hours.
  • Nicekicksshop Review survey explored that the website domain was created in 25-02-2021 and this implies that it is one year, 3 months and 7 days old.
  • No delivery date strings on the website.
  • Nicekicksshop provides contact number on the website
  • We noticed the presence of an email address.
  • Reactions are given by customer’s.

Downfalls Noticed.

  • The newsletter is on the website unavailability.
  • Social Media Connection are not available, they are missing.
  • Website is not on Trustpilot and because of that opinions on Trustpilot are absent.
  • Address details are not found on the website nor on the internet.
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Is Nicekicksshop Legit?

In this part of article, you will be able to estimate whether Nicekicksshop is reliable or fake. So take your time to evaluate the points below to know if they are legit or Scam.

Social Connections Visibility: There are not social media icons in my investigation but in their FAQs section there is link for Facebook.

Trust Score – The Trust Score observed was 9%

Domain Age– The domain registration date is 25-02-2021,that is to say, the website or domain is just 1 year, 3 months and 7 days old.

Founder/CEO– No Founder or CEO details were found.

Content Quality – According to my Nicekicksshop Reviews investigation, the website has copied contents and not unique.

Trust Rank – The Trust Rank is 48.3/100 value which is not good enough.

Users’ Views– The website has users views but its mixed, though most of the comments are positive over the portal. But in Trustpilot there are no legit reviews and its Facebook page.

Domain Expiry Date– The domain of Nicekicksshop will exp on 25-02-2023.

Alexa Rank– Alexa Rank is 1366721 value

Discounts– Huge discounts are applied to this site’s items which is unreliable.

The Shoppers’ Statements

If you check Nicekicksshop you will see alot of buyers reviews but the thing is, I’m unsure whether the comments are actually from buyers, So I can say the website opinions are unusable.

After analysing the site, I discovered that the website has low trust rank and low trust score and also the missing store location details.

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Final Verdict

I am going to close the curtain Nicekicksshop reviews here, After thorough investigation, I will say that Nicekicksshop is not trusted, all the comments on the website are not legit. The site is questionable and suspicious, it is not possible for shoe-e-portal that has been a existing for more than a year not to have Legit Review.

Is the post useful, Do want to contribute to this post or you have a question, make use of the comments section below.

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