Minima Global Review 2022 – Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?

Minima Global Review

Minima Global Review 2022, Is Minima Global Crypto legit or Scam?

Hello Readers, You are welcome to Reviewpills on Minima Global Review, Also we are going to answer the question ‘Is Minima Crypto a good Investment? How does Minima Global Crypto Works, Is Minima Global Legit or Scam? How to get Minima Tokens and more.

So without further ado let’s get started with the review, And we promise that when you are done reading this article, you will understand everything about Minima Global.


What is Minima Global/ Minima Global Review.

Minima Global is a decentralised network that is completely use for information and to transfer Value, And this help individuals to do exchange whenever they want.

Minima is a Blockchain Protocol that is re-engineered and re-imagined and it’s a mobile native. Minima has the capacity to connect Smartphones and IOT devices that can create the most largest decentralised network.

it’s designs are completely scalable, compact, quantum-secure and a proof fit feature for mass adoption.

Minima Global give power to everyone as far as you are a user, no selection is involved as power is given to all users. it said to be a paradigm shift in blockchain in decentralised computing.

Although alot of ideas surfaced to design a Mobile Hardware that can support blockchain technology, And until now all the attempt’s to create a Blockchain for existing devices failed.

Minima Global protocol has the solution to integrate Smartphones and IOT devices, Each of these devices will have an equal participant in network, that is to say it enables new world of decentralised mobile consensus that ever existed before in the blockchain technology.

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How Does Minima Global Crypto Works

If you want to start with Minima Global Crypto you will have to create incentive account first.

To be a participant on Minima Global you will need a Android phone, Laptop, Mac Or Linux but currently Minima does not run on iPhone and iOS although this Iphone and iOS is on the roadmap so they will include them soon.

You don’t need a membership fee to start but if you to take it serious you will have to invest in other to earn and request for withdrawal.

How to get Minima Global Tokens.

You are about lick the sweet of this article, How to get Minima Global Tokens, Now check out the Tokenomics of Minima Global Project.

Take note that Minima Tokens is not used for transactions like ETH in Ethereum Blockchain and also cannot be used for staking or anything that looks like it. Minima Token is a high Security which will raise its demand and the token value will come from its decentralisation.

The Launching of Minima Global Tokens, there will be a fixed supply of 1 Billion Tokens. There will be no requiring future hard forks because Minima protocol has completely finished design.

This project will be completed before placing it on the market and when the tokens are already in the market, there will be no updates and no future hard forks because it will be really difficult to force a user to accept hard forks if they disagree.

The other important thing to consider is that, when they finally launch the project, Minima tokens will be distributed to users and the when the tokens are in the market, users will have to go and buy them off and exchange. And this is how the Minima Tokens will be distributed:

  • Development Grants will be 5%
  • Teams and Advisors will be 15.85%
  • Seed will be 21.56%
  • Private A Round will be 10%
  • Ecosystem will be 1.59%
  • Community Incentive is 30%
  • Public Sale is 16%
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Check out the PDF of Minima Tokens Document, You can download it here.

Is Minima crypto a good investment?

You want to know if Minima Crypto will be a good Investment? Okay take a look at this.

The Minima whitepaper sets out a very outstanding use cash for the protocol.

These are Some of the key points you need to Consider:

  • Do you know that running a Node can be done by anyone having a smart device?, that is to say the infrastructure is already in place.
  • Another thing to consider is that there is no hierarchy – Just everyone is equal and so therefore no niche groups that have greater control over the network.
  • The network is fully censorship resistant – No Authority or Whatever can prevent user activity from going smoothly.
  • Minima Whitepaper has overcomes the environmental concerns that Accompanied Bitcoin because it does not make use of bespoke technology or even require vast amounts of additional energy to run it.

Are you thinking of running Minima Node, then you should be able to do that because if you own a smart device then you can definitely run a Minima node.

Minima Global Founder/CEO

Talking about Minima Global is incomplete without the Founder, Here are the Founders of Minima Global.

Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?
Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?
Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?
Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?
Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?

Minima Global Review 2022 - Is Minima Crypto a Good Investment?
Minima Global Team

Is Minima Global legit or Scam

As the time of writing this post, we are unable to gather information that will enable us to tag them legit or Scam. Although Minima Global is a new Funding Platform and we still have alot to wait on, As newly launched platforms are risky.

Please do make further research before investing, As we don’t want to hear had I know. And if you want to invest, invest what you can afford to loose. Something that will not get you depress if at all problem arise.

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Though we will keep you updated if we find anything fishy about them.

Minima Global Roadmap

Understand the journey Minima Global up to their Mainnet launch.



Minima GmbH incorporated in Zug, Switzerland



Minima Core 0.1 – Alpha version completed

Swisscom Blockchain – Code Audit


Swisscom Blockchain – Testnet launch


Whitepaper release

Website V1 launch


Telco Billings dApp PoC completed

Telco Innovation Lab goes live



Minima Command Line Client V0.8

JavaScript & RPC Web Libraries V1.0


Minima Public Testnet


Minima Protocol Alpha complete


Seed Round complete

Android app APK test release



Maxima V.10


Minima Protocol Beta


Node running Incentive program



Series A funding complete

Successful Hard Fork



Surpass Bitcoin Node Count

Launch Referral Program


MiniDapps reintroduced

Partnership Announcements

Regulatory confirmations

Minima RC1 complete


Public Pre Sale

Mainnet Launch

Developer Grant Program Begins


Exchange Listings begin

Ecosystem Competition



IoS Integration

Partnership Announcement


Layer 2 Launch

Community Grant Update


Additional Minima core implementations.


Lightning Network implementation


We have come to the Conclusion part of Minima Global Review, and it’s recorded that more than 7,000 nodes which is more than half of Bitcoin’s complete nodes had been on boarded in more than 100 countries Worldwide. So what do you think of this Minima Global Funding Platform, Is Minima Global a good Investment?

Please drop your view at the comment box below, And to get updated of our upcoming Reviews make use of the notification bell or bookmark us. Thanks for taking your time to read our Minima Global Review.

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