MineSmart Review 2022, Is Minesmart.me Real or Fake

MineSmart Review

Minesmart.me Reviews, Is Minesmart.me fake or real

Hello There, You are welcome to Reviewpills on Minesmart Review or Minesmart.me review, whichever Keyword you used in finding this post, You are very much welcome. I know that you need answers to the question, Is Minesmart legit? Is Minesmart Scam? And of course you are here to read my Minesmart Review to get answers to your doubting questions.

So today I’m going to discuss with you about Minesmart.me website and when you are done reading this review ( Is Minesmart legit or Scam) You’ll understand fully what Minesmart is all about.

Without Further Ado let’s kick start with the Minesmart Review.

What is Minesmart.

Minesmart is a Crypto Currency Mining platform that allows registered users to earn through mining. MineSmart claims to be the best investment choice compared to other investments platforms.

  • According to Minesmart they are One of the most successful cryptocurrency investment companies in the world;
  • And they claim to having over 2,500 employees working 24/7 which will be for your benefit;
  • Also having over 20 office structures registered under the law provisions;
  • They are having 30,000 plus representatives worldwide according to their claims.
  • Ultimate performance at low cost.
  • Claim to Serve over 2000 customers from 100+ countries
  • They are offering 10+ minable cryptocurrencies.
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How MineSmart Works?


To get started with minesmart.me, you will need to first of all be a registered member in other to start earning.

1. Create An Account…

Just go ahead and create account with them and start participating on the platform.

2. Choose Plans….

Secondly, choose a plan with them

3. Start Mining…

After choosing your desire plan and make deposit, then you can start mining.

4. Get Mining Output.

At this point you can cash out your earnings.

Minesmart Registration/ Sign Up

  • To get started with the registration you’ll need you to visit the official website minesmart.me
  • Input your details like Email address, Password.
  • Then click on register

Boom you are on it.

Minesmart Login

  • To login visit the website again Minesmart.me
  • Input the details you used to register
  • Then click on Login.

Minesmart Mining Packages

Minesmart offer alot of investment packages and their are offering daily payouts with principal returned.

7 Days

$10.00Per 7 Day

$3 Daily profit (0.0001540308 BTC)

$21 | 7 Days profit (0.0010777704 BTC)

Profit: $10 + $21 = $31 profit (0.0015937069 BTC)

5 Days

$20.00Per 5 Day

$8 Daily profit (0.0004117752 BTC)

$40 | 5 days profit (0.002056668 BTC)

Profit: $20 + $40 = $60 profit (0.003084876 BTC)

3 Days

$50.00Per 3 Day

$50 Daily profit (0.002571875 BTC)

$150 | 3 Days profit (0.007715625 BTC)

Profit: $50 + $150 = $200 profit (0.01028248 BTC)

2 Days

$100.00Per 2 Day

$150 Daily profit (0.00771924 BTC)

$300 | 2 Days profit (0.01543848 BTC)

Profit: $100 + $300 = $400 profit (0.02058912 BTC)

1 Day

$250.00Per 1 Day

$500 | 1 Day profit (0.02570985 BTC)

Profit: $250 + $500 = $750 (0.03855705 BTC)

How to Deposit on Minesmart

Their Payment System is very easy, You can Deposit easily using crypto payment methods and PayPal to make fast deposit.

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Minesmart Referral / Minesmart Affiliate Program.

You want to make money money on Minesmart platform, you’ll love their referal program, Just use the referral link given to you to refer your friends and families to join and if any of your referred friends use your link to register then you will be given a commission.

You can as well invite or refer your friends on social media for your social media friends to register using your referral link.

Minesmart Withdrawal.

According to Minesmart.me their payment is very fast. Withdrawals are paid within 24 hours of making withdrawal request.

Minesmart Payment Methods are, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, litecoin and PayPal.

Is Minesmart Legit

Minesmart might be legit but then I can’t guarantee you of their Authenticity because I’m yet to find reliable information across the web.

So if you are going on with them, please make sure you invest in what you can lose, Don’t invest all your hard earn money on a platform you don’t know of their legitimacy.

I’m yet to find payment proof of Minesmart and due to that you have to be very careful.

Is Minesmart Scam

Minesmart cannot be tagged Scam yet until I find what is needed to tag them Scam, Please note that Minesmart platform is new and newly launched platform are very high in risk.

Minesmart Founder

The founder or CEO of Minesmart is James Hatting. He’s the brain behind the existence of Minesmart.me


Minesmart is a Crypto currency mining platform that you can use to earn cash by mining on the platform after choosing your preferred plan and make deposit to start.

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Though as of the time of writing this post I was unable to find any payment proof, probably because the platform existed just last month and in this note you have to be very careful because the platform is relatively new.

Anyways we have come to the conclusion part of my Minesmart Review ( Is Minesmart legit or Scam)

If you have any question or comment, then make use of the comment section below.

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