Is Banjarwaru Legit? Best Banjarwaru Review 2022

Is Banjarwaru Legit? Best Banjarwaru Review

Banjarwaru Reviews 2022 (Is Banjarwaru Legit)

This article holds genuine Banjarwaru Reviews and answer the question Is Banjarwaru Legit?. Banjarwaru is an e-portal that deal with clothing, shoes, and accessories. And in this Banjarwaru review you will be able to get the answer to the questions, What is Banjarwaru, Is Banjarwaru Legit or Scam. Banjarwaru Specifications. Banjarwaru pros and cons. Customers Banjarwaru Reviews and so on.

Do you want to make changes on your wardrobe? Do you admire yourself putting on fancy clothes, I’m sure you need air accessories, you want to shop Lounge wears, Okay it’s perfect match.

So then, Are you searching for an online shopping portal to buy trendiest clothing for your little girl and yourself?. Check this post out, Today I will expose an online shopping website that deals in fast fashion items for females with an affordable prices.

This Banjarwaru online store is recently launched and Females shoppers are super ready to browse the online shopping portal and also to get answer to the question Is Banjarwaru Legit? Of course you and I know that there are many international websites available Worldwide. And not every e-store is trusted, many of these portal are established to accomplish fraudulent moves. This is why I made this Banjarwaru Review so as for you to know their legitimacy.

So are you ready to read the main part of the review? Okay Let’s get started already, Is Banjarwaru Legit or Scam.

Brief About Banjarwaru

Banjarwaru an e-commerce portal that provides fast fashion products for females such as hair accessories, clothing, footwear, etc. The Banjarwaru website has four selected categories in the dashboard where customers select items of their choice. The Accessories of Banjarwaru online store comprises of bags, shoes, belts, air accessories etc.

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Banjarwaru products are affordable, under the sale, let’s say the branded maxi dress worth $92 but in Banjarwaru its available for just $62, stiletto heels worth $128 but Banjarwaru offers it at just $58.

Considering being affordable, buyers are still inquiring to know about Is Banjarwaru Legit or not. Check this below informations to know their authenticity.

Banjarwaru Specifications/ Features

Platform Type – Online Shopping Portal that deals on female wears.

Website Link –

Newsletter– Newsletter was Found

Domain Registration Date – 22/02/2022

Email address – No email available on the website.

Contact No. – No contact number

Transportation Cost- Free shipping is available for orders above $60 only.

Products Types – Dresses,bags, belts, shoes, and other accessories.

Physical location – Company address is missing, that is to say, no Physical Address mentioned.

Order return policy – Three days from the day you received the item.

Payment Method – Banjarwaru Accepted Payment Methods are visa, American Express, PayPal, and diners club

Shipping Period – There is no estimated delivery period.

Refund Policy – Notification of refund policy is within 24 hours of purchase.

Telephone Number – You can’t reach out to them through calls because telephone number are unavailable.

Social Media – Not Social media connection provided on the website nor on the internet.

Privacy Policy – Privacy Policy statement was found on the site.

Terms and Conditions – No terms and conditions statement on the website.

Sorting Option – The area is present.

Product Prices – The product Prices are provided in USD.

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Pros And Cons of Banjarwaru

To get more detailed information about the banjarwaru website, check out the pros and cons of the website.

Banjarwaru Pros

  • The official link is SSL protocol secured.
  • The product sizes for both girls and women are informative.

Banjarwaru Cons / Is Banjarwaru Legit

  • There are no Customers feedback shared on the website.
  • No support service contact information are on the Banjarwaru website.
  • The brand have no social media presence which is very bad one for a product website.
  • The user interface is not user friendly, a bad website design.
  • The website lack policy statement like term of use.

Is Banjarwaru Legit?

I must say that this era is exploded with fraud portals, If you are an online shopper then you need to pay attention to factors that Identity a website intention, whether they are established for Scam purpose or for legit reasons. In this digital era it’s difficult to differentiate genuine portal from fake ones. So I would like you to still consider reading the remaining part of this article to know Banjarwaru website credibility.

This section, make sure you take all the relevant pointers because this should take care of you verifying the site’s accreditations.

Firstly, The site’s domain name was registered on 22/02/2022; In this note you can see that the site domain is less than six months old which is relatively new.

Secondly, A product website should be in Social media but unfortunately Banjarwaru has no social media connections, It is not good for a brand to exist without being on social media and with this Banjarwaru is not trusted.

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Thirdly, No Customer feedbacks, Does that mean no one has purchase a product from them? No customer Banjarwaru Reviews on the their official portal and none to even consider on the worldwide trusted website called Trustpilot.

The Domain of this website will expire on 22/02/2023, hence it will be terminated in a year interval.

Banjarwaru website trust score achieved is 2%, which is very poor.

No need talking about physical address when there is no Social Media handles.

Content quality dissatisfied because the essential information is not found.

Banjarwaru website obtained a 0% trust rank from the scale of 0-100

Banjarwaru Reviews

In the current analysis you can see that Shoppers apparently do not trust this website. Also the newness of the site and the missing features make things uncomfortable for shoppers to rely on this website.

Thus, if are planning to make a purchase you should evaluate all the published information and also make a further research in other to get a reasonable results that are reliable.

Final Verdicts.

In conclusion you need to stay caution as far as Banjarwaru website is concern, this Banjarwaru website deals on girls and women clothing and accessories which I know that fashionista would want to try out. But at the time of writing this article, this website is a no go area.

Besides experts suggest that you wait for some genuine Banjarwaru Reviews to arrive before you can think of sharing your personal information and financial details on the website.

Meanwhile we have come to the end of Banjarwaru review( Is Banjarwaru legit) and I hope the informations you got here are useful, Also I want to thank you for stopping by to read from my Banjarwaru Review.

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