Hashing24 Reviews 2022, Is Hashing24 Real Or Fake

Hashing24 Reviews 2022, Is Hashing24 Real Or Fake

Hashing24 Reviews, Is hashing24 real or fake, Legit or Scam.

Welcome to Reviewpills On Hashing24 Reviews or Hashing24.com review, whichever Keyword you used in finding this post is very much welcome. I know that you need answers to the question, Is Hashing24 legit? Is Hashing24 Scam? And that is why you are here to read my Hashing24 Reviews to get answers to your doubting questions.

Making money online this days is little bit easier despite the scamming and all that, You can make money online if you have a smartphone or laptop, a working internet connection and your time. So you can see it’s pretty easier, but the most important thing to consider while involving yourself in online money making platform is to get the right information which is why we at Reviewpills is doing our best to give you the right review.

Alot of scamming going here and there, Yeah you heard me right, Scam platforms here and there, and that is why you will need to make research and read reviews to get a detailed information about a particular platform you want to join, In other to be scam free.

So today I am going to discuss with you about Hashing24.com website and when you are done reading this post, you will be able to arrive at a decision whether to join or not. ( Is Hashing24 legit or Scam) Find out in this post.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s get started with the Hashing24 Review so you will know what is needed about Hashing24.com website.

What is Hashing24.com / Hashing24 Reviews.

Hashing24 Reviews 2022, Is Hashing24 Real Or Fake

Hashing24.com is an online making money platform, Actually Hashing24 is a Cryptocurrency mining platform that allows fully registered members to earn by simply mining Cryptocurrencies daily on the platform.

According to them, Hashing24 was made by professionals for individuals who want to get involved in cryptocurrency mining. They believe that everyone should benefit from the mining and be able to have access to the newest technologies and large-scale industrial data centres from your laptop or mobile phone.

In 2012, Hashing24 began work in the field of cryptocurrency mining, and in 2015, it began to provide Bitcoin cloud mining services. Cloud mining data centres are located in Canada, Norway, Georgia, and Iceland, and representative offices operate in Scotland, Thailand, and Ukraine.

How does Hashing24 work?

Hashing24 is the easiest and most convenient way to mine digital currency.
Digital currencies introduced new financial tools and their value has grown tremendously over the last few years. There’s never been a better time to join this billion dollar industry!

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Here we will explain how this process actually works.

1. You register on Hashing24, It takes only 2 minutes

2. Choose hashpower, The more power, more coins

3. You pay for your new contract

4. They send your order to huge BitFury mining data centres located in Europe.

5. The mining process begins on high-end equipment with 100% uptime.

6. You receive your newly mined coins daily that are available for withdrawal the same day.

Hashing24 Registration or Sign Up/ How to Get Started with Hashing24

To start working on this platform, you must register. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on the “Register” button.

1. Registration

To register, fill in the following fields: valid email address; password consisting of at least eight characters, including numbers, upper and lower case letters of the Latin alphabet; country of residence. After filling you must confirm agreement with the terms and conditions of service and disclaimer and confirm, that you are not a robot. Also, you can register with your Google or Facebook account.

2. Confirmation Message

Upon completion, the system will send a letter to the indicated email with a link to confirm the registration data.

3. 4-digit PIN code

After clicking on the link, you need to come up with a 4-digit PIN code. Remember your PIN code, it is impossible to restore or change it.

That’s it! Now we are ready to get started with Hashing24

Hashing24 Affiliate Program

From Hashing24 is the unique opportunity for all active affiliates to get a good
income with a high service level. This being said, it’s not compulsory to
spend your own money.

Earn up to 10%

The affiliate program consists of 8 levels which means you’ll be able to get higher affiliate commission for referring more sales.

The affiliate program includes many benefits:


You don`t even need to have your own deposit to enjoy benefits of affiliate program.


You will be credited 3% – 10% from each client purchased tariff plan.


They pay out the affiliate reward instantly in the Bitcoin. Commission is credited to the account balance.


With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless.


Support 8 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

How to become a successful affiliate?

Use your website (including a blog)

  • Post articles about Hashing24.com
  • Place their advertising banners in HTLM5 on your website.
  • Place the text advertising banners on your website.
  • Place a calculator on your website page.

Advertising with Youtube

  • Record and post your own video review about the Hashing24 service (including referral links in the description under the video)
  • Place their official video on your channel

Using social networks*

  • Placement of referral links in your group
  • Placement of referral links on your personal page
  • Commenting on thematic groups, video clips, posts, etc.
  • Record and post your videos in the album
  • Place their official video in your album

*Excluding Facebook. Unfortunately, this social network does not transmit the parameter “referrer” that is important for accounting statistics.

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Commenting on topical sites / blogs

  • You can leave comments on thematic articles on websites / blogs. The more organic your comment is, the more likely that the moderator will approve it. On the contrary, thoughtless posting of referral links is unlikely to benefit, such comments are likely to be deleted.

Communicate on the forums

  • Create new topics in the forums
  • Answer in thematic thread forums
  • Specify affiliate links in the signatures of your messages.

Hashing24 Mining Plans.

Here are the mining plan details, check the photos below.

Hashing24 mining plan
Hashing24 mining plan
Hashing24 mining plan


How to Start Mining on Hashing24

After signing in on the main page, the system offers you to rent a contract for Bitcoin mining. For this, you must click on the “Start mining now” button.

Contracts and Fees

Hashing24 allows its customers to independently adjust the volume and duration of the contract. Unlike many other similar services, these capacities are not combined into separate packages but are acquired by users in the required volume. When we go to the “Contract” tab we see that everything is currently sold out. However, Hashing 24 offers us to buy/sell mining contracts on the Trade Desk, in Trading Room.

How to Buy/Sell on Hashing24

In the trading room, contracts are being traded between users. Prices may be lower than on a new contract. Also, it can be perpetual. To get a contract, choose the Tariff Plans (Limited or Lifetime) and the price, and on the Trade Desk you will see the available offers to buy (Sell List).

Trading Room

If you want to sell the contract, scroll the page down and you will see the options to “Add to buy/sell list”. Indicate the Amount (BTC) and speed and press the “Add ”button. Beneath you can see your Orders and Deals History.

How to deposit on Hashing24

To replenish the account you must go to the “Balance” section. You can deposit your account in BTC, altcoins or fiat. For this the system will generate a wallet address for you. Once the address is generated, you must transfer the funds to the wallet address provided. Funds will be credited after 6 confirmations. The minimum transaction amount should not be less than 0.0001 BTC.

To deposit in altcoins Hashing24 offers you to use their partner Changelly. To use fiat money you will be provided the Switchere service.

How to withdraw on Hashing24

To withdraw money from the account you must go to the “Balance” section and choose “Withdraw”.

Withdrawal requests are processed the next day after the request has been placed (UTC time). Mining income is accrued daily. To withdraw earned funds, you must specify your BTC address and confirm it via mail. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.02 BTC, and the commission is 0.001 BTC. It is recommended to withdraw as large amounts as possible to save on network fees.

First of all, you must choose the wallet type (Bitcoin or Bithoven), balance to withdraw, indicate the recipient address and withdrawal amount. You will see how much you will receive at the end of the form. Check everything twice and press “Withdraw”.

Pros And Cons of Hashing24

Pros of Hashing24

  • You can mine Bitcoin after 5 minutes of setting up the necessary technological base;
  • The service uses only the most modern and proven equipment partners.
  • Stable hashpower and 100% uptime
  • Mining with bitfury – industry leader
  • Instant deposit of coins to your account
  • Legit mining – all coins are new
  • Maximum efficiency with high-end equipment.
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Affiliate program;
  • Favourable prices for contracts for 36 months;
  • Stable daily payments;
  • The tool “Reinvest”;
  • The demo mining mode allows you to try yourself in mining without investing funds;
  • Access to a calculator that calculates Hashing24 profitability;
  • The most favorable and affordable prices for electricity, as well as rental equipment;
  • Several data centres in Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Georgia.
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Cons of Hashing24

  • It should be noted that despite the fact that Hashing24 has wide functionality and a convenient interface, the only cryptocurrency you can mine on this site is Bitcoin.
  • Hashing24 publishes information on all new features and latest updates on its social media Facebook and Twitter.

Customers Hashing24 Reviews

Due to the stability of payments and the reliability of the Hashing24 service, reviews of real users are positive. They pay special attention to the user-friendly interface, attentive support service, and regular payments.

Among the shortcomings, people note the support of the only currency for mining – bitcoin and the presence of a daily maintenance fee. You can read more reviews about Hashing24 on Trustpilot.

Is Hashing24 legit?/ Is Hashing24 Safe?

Before acquiring cloud mining capabilities, the service recommends protecting your account and setting the security level. This can be done in the “Settings” tab. In the security settings, Hashing24 offers us to activate two-factor authorization using the program for the mobile device Google Authenticator. In addition, you can set the time spent on the Hashing24 website, after which the user will be automatically logged out. The interval is from 5 to 60 minutes or never.

Also, Hashing24 has been operating since 2012 and it is considered one of the oldest mining services. During the work, no one complained about the dishonest work of the service and there was not a single hack on the account of the service. Also, Hashing24 has a Certificate of Registration and all the official information on the website. All of this could confirm that Hashing24 is not a scam and it is fully legit.

Also, Hashing24 has a Certificate of Registration and all the official information on the website. All of this could confirm that Hashing24 is not a scam and it is fully legit.


Having studied a lot of reviews about Hashing24, we can conclude that this is a reliable, working company, investments in which will bring a certain income. Many professional investors have been renting computing equipment for cloud mining for several years. Almost six years of excellent work is the best recommendation on the reliability of the Hashing24 project, and their goal is to provide equipment to everyone who wants to use the services of cloud mining, as well as attract even novice users.

We are going to end the Hashing24 review here, So tell me, are you okay with the information you got here so far, Is the post useful? Do you have any question or comment? You can drop a piece at the comment section below.

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