Floryclothe Reviews (May 2022) Is Floryclothe legit or Scam?

Floryclothe Reviews

Floryclothe Reviews (May 2022) Is Floryclothe Website legit or Scam?

Welcome to reviewpills on our Floryclothe review, Before you decide to read this Article you must be a Fashionista or maybe you just want to get something unique for an occasion. Okay check out our honest Floryclothe Reviews, Actually we don’t want you to spend your hard earn money on something that you will regret later.

Buying a product online is not bad, but then are you sure you won’t get scam in the process? Knowing fully well that there are alot of online marketplace out there.

Of course there are way too much online product website, Some are Authentic and Genuine, others are fake, Meaning they are scammer sites. So in this article you will get to know everything about Floryclothe Website, If they are legit or another new Scam.

Meanwhile Floryclothe.com is a new site but it has become popular Worldwide with the blink of an eye.

So without further ado, let’s get to the review proper.

About Floryclothe Website.

Floryclothe is a newly launched E-commerce website that deal on Bags, Blouses, Swimwears, Bottoms, Shoes, Suit sets and more, The website deal mostly on Women’s wears compare to men. Though the Company called themselves to be a Global Company, And also they offer free shipping on orders worth over 49.99 euros and currently they provide 50% rebate.

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If you are still interested in knowing they are legit or Scam, then continue reading. Check out specifications of the Website.

The Website Specification

These are the specifications of Floryclothe Website.

Product Offered: The products offered on Floryclothe are, bags, Swimwears, Shoes, Undies, Suit set and more.

Payment Method: Their payment method is PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Delivery Timing: The delivery time usually takes 15-25 working days and their expedited shipping is normally 7-12 days.

Return Policy: Return Policy is found on the site and it’s within 30 days.

Refund Policy: Also there is a refund policy on the site and it’s within 1- 8 days.

Website Creation Date: The Website was registered on 2021/11/25.

Website Link: The website link is Floryclothe.com

Email Id: service.floryclothe@gmail.com

Contact Address: Hong Kong,15 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln

Exchange Policy: Products cannot be exchanged according to the exchange policy.

Contact No. : No contact number was found in our Floryclothe Reviews, that is to say contact number is not available.

Newsletter: There is Newsletter area on the website.

Positive And Negative Highlights.

Positive Highlight

  • The site has https protocol secured and it’s a good one to look at.
  • The website give discount offer of 50%
  • The urls and website design is same.
  • Newsletter area is found on the website.

Negative Highlights/ Floryclothe reviews

  • The contact details found on the website are not working, which means it’s fake.
  • The website has not social media presence.
  • No customer feedback has been recorded up till now.
  • The website interface is not good enough to be called Global Company.
  • Founder/CEO details or information are not found.
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Is Floryclothe Legit or Scam

To know more about this website if they are legit or not, here are more information you can look at because we are going to judge based on the informations gathered here.

Two Website Links: There are two different links found Floryclothe.de and Floryclothe.com

Website Authenticity: Physical address of the website is not easy to find. That’s if they have one.

Trust Rank: No trust rank about this  website on the internet.

Trust Score: The trust score of this website is just 2% which is not good.

Domain Registration Date: The website Floryclothe is created on 2021/11/25

Domain Expiry Date: The website will expire in 6 months time from now, Check date 2022/11/25.

Discount: The website give out 50% discount

Customer Reviews: No Customer review found and it’s not a good sign.

Contents Quality: The Contents on the website is 85% copied from other websites.

Policies: All the required policy statement are on the site.

Customer Reviews: We couldn’t find any custom review about the site or product.

Social Media: Floryclothe has no active social handle.

CEO/ Owner Identity: There is no information about the founders of the site, CEO details hidden.

Trustpilot: We make all the research we can to get a customer Reviews but none, Even the trusted Trustpilot and other search engines.


Here is what we have to end the Floryclothe review, In our research Floryclothe is an e-commerce site that deals on Shoes, bags, clothes, Undies and so on but there is no social media handles, Such a website need a working and active social media Accounts but we can’t find any to talk of.

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So therefore, Don’t try buying any products from them for now because its suspicious, Though the website is still new but to avoid being scam, please beware of Floryclothe Website.

Do you like what you read so far in our review, Is there something you want to contribute to this post? Please drop your piece at the comment box below.

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