EliteZap Review 2022 – EliteZap is a Scam, Forget it..

Elitezap Review

Elitezap Review 2022, Is Elitezap legit or Scam, Paying or all Hype.

Welcome to Reviewpills on Elitezap Review, I know you want to make money online and am sure you can spare 2-3 hours of your time to make money online.

Today we are discussing about Elitezap.com, We want you to know if this guyz are legit, Genuine, paying or they are just making noise.

Alot of make money online system or platforms has been existing and many will continue to surface and that simply means, many will be scam and few will be legit.

Of course you and I know that, if it’s about the internet then there must be scam. So in today article you will know if Elitezap is one of these Scam platforms or they are among the few legit ones.

Also we are going to address this areas of Elitezap review, What is Elitezap.com, How does Elitezap works, Is Elitezap legit, Is Elitezap Scam, Who is Elitezap Founder, Elitezap Referral System, Elitezap payment or Withdrawal and so on.

It’s a promise that, when you are true reading this article, you will be able to know if they are really genuine or another big hype. So hold on and read this post to the end before you make the decision of joining this platform or not.

So without further delay, lets get started with the review.


What is Elitezap

Elitezap is an Influencer Network that allows you to make money by doing simple tasks like referring, Completing Survey, Downloading Apps. You can as well earn through Social Media, daily guests, giveaways and alot more.

When you register on Elitezap.com you will be given your unique referral link which you can use to refer your friends. And if anyone click on your referrals link you will be given $2 which is very impressive and you will earn even more if the person that you refer finally register using your link, And in that you will earn $15.

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Amazing right ?, but the question still remains the same, IS ELITEZAP LEGIT OR SCAM. To know this, you still have to continue reading which I know you are doing right now.

How Does Elitezap Works/ Elitezap Referrals

To get started at Elitezap you need to sign up and signing up at Elitezap.com will automatically earn you $35 as sign up bonus.

To earn more from this Social Networking platform you will complete simple tasks by downloading apps, Completing Surveys, Referring using your unique referral link.

Earn $15 when your referred friend successfully register with Elitezap.com

Earn by Click, You will also earn $2 when you get a click through your referral link and more.

How You Can Earn On Elitezap.com

The way to earn on Elitezap is already been given in the post but I want to make it 100% detailed. So you understand every step of what you are doing.

Referrals: This method is when you refer a friend and the friend you refer register on Elitezap then you will be given $15 commission and bonus.

Post on Social Media: Posting on Social Media will earn you nothing less than $45, which mean you can earn more with this method if you are serious about making money.

Downloading App: You can as well earn more if you download apps, you can earn up to $50 per app.

Completing Surveys: If you complete a survey you will earn $100, that’s huge.

Giveaways: Earn more on giveaways, you will earn $100 if you participate on one hour giveaway rewards.

Daily Guests: You will earn per day for login in to your account.

Okay, the truth is, all of this is fascinating but still, are they Legit or Scam.

Continue Reading the Elitezap review!!!!!

Elitezap.com Withdrawal/ Elitezap Payment Method.

To get paid you will have to reach the withdrawal threshold of $100. If your earnings is up to $100 then you can request for withdrawal. Their payment methods are PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, Venmo, Mailed Check etc

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Elitezap Founder/CEO

The founders of Elitezap is unknown, which means the owner don’t want to disclose his/her identity. This is something to consider while joining this platform.

Elitezap Review

Please take your time to read and understand this points if you are still interested in knowing if Elitezap.com is legit or Scam.

Website Links: Elitezap.com

Domain Registration Date: The domain was registered on 22/02/2022, This is to say that the platform is new.

Domain Expiry Date: It will expires on 22/02/2023

Trust Rank: No trust rank was found in the web about Elitezap.

Trust Score: Elitezap has 1% trust score, which is very bad.

Social Media: There is no active social media handle.

Content Quality: Content is 95% copied, and that is a bad one to start with.

Users Reviews: There are users review on the site but I don’t think those reviews are legit.

Contact Details: No contact information was found on the site, Meaning it will be difficult. reach out to them, if you encounter problems.

Website Design: Website design is not good enough.

Founder/CEO: CEO or founders of the platform are unknown.

Policies: There are policy statement found on the site.

FAQs: You have questions that you need answers, Okay there are FAQs on the site.

Elitezap Payment Proof

This is what I don’t understand about this Elitezap.com site, How can their payment proofs on the website reading 2020 and 2021 when the domain name of the site was registered on 22/02/2022.

This guyz have given me reason to tag them Scam because its really not possible for them to create or build a Website in 2022 this year and their payment proofs are 2020 and 2021, who are they fooling.

Continue reading, because there are photos of their fake payment proofs below.

Is Elitezap Legit Or Scam

I really don’t want to conclude that they are Scam but then what do I say, This is what I found on Quora while making my research, I wanted to get genuine user reviews that will convince me and my readers but what I got here it’s a prove they are Scam.

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Check Elitezap Fake Payment Proof/ Elitezap review

Hold on a bit, do you actually think this guyz will pay all those money they are giving as a way to earn from the platform. What baffle me is that they claimed to have paid out 22M+ users, Who are those users they paid out?

A platform they create/built for just 3 Months and few days already paid out 22M users… Seriously they are too funny to be true. If such amount is been paid out, then how much do they make from this platform as owners.

The users review and payment proofs are all fake, therefore I will say this platform is a confirmed Scam.

Let me shock you, Cloutzap is the same as Elitezap, they just twist the name a little and boom, new platform surface LOL.

Check Photo Below


Elitezap review

Elitezap Fake Payment Proof

Check below and see that the sites design are the same, The design has no slight difference, Everything from A-Z is the same. Check Cloutzap.com and Elitezap.com This guys are really funny.



Conclusion on Elitezap review

You may want to try them out since it’s free to register, But then if you are someone that value time, then I will suggest you use the time on something you know fully well that you will get paid.

Elitezap and Cloutzap

Take your time and look at the photo very well. Hope you are seeing Elitezap And Cloutzap? And the design, are you seeing difference in it??

Although, there is a room for users to criticise this post if you can prove that this platform is legit with a genuine payment proofs which will have to correspond with what they place on their official website.

Also, if you are a new user on the platform, please share your experience with us.

Meanwhile, thank you for stopping by to read Elitezap review on Reviewpills, Hoping to see you as return visitor.

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