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Hello my Friend, You are welcome to Reviewpills once more for my Cashandgo co review (Cash&go review), Is Cash&go Scam or Legit, (Is Cashandgo legit or Scam) which ever keywords you use in finding this post, I appreciate you coming to Reviewpills to read this Cash&go review.

It’s really alarming how make money online website and apps surface the internet. Sometimes I get a bit confuse on which to write review on. But I and my team made a promise to keep giving you honest reviews, so we are not going to relent on it.

Today I am going to talk about review, Cashandgo review or cash&go review. And all this Keywords are the same so you don’t have to get confuse reading the post.

I watched alot of YouTube videos and do my research online before arriving at this post, and you will love what I have here below the article.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will decide whether to join this newly trending website or app, also you will know if Cashandgo legit or Scam.

Let’s get started already.

What is Cashandgo

Cashandgo is make money online platform that allows users to earn just by doing little works such as completing survey and testing apps and games. Making money on cash&go is easy as A.B.C, But first you need to be a member to be able to participate and earn just like other make money online platforms.

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How does Cashandgo Works.

To get started and earn on Cashandgo follow this steps below because this is how cash&go works. Review - Is Cashandgo Scam, Find Out Here.

1. Sign Up

Firstly, Sign up/Register and get a $25 bonus instantly added to your account and then.

2. Tasks

Next is for you to start participating by Completing surveys and apps to earn real money available instantly!

3. Share And Earn

To earn more, you have to share your referral link to your friends and family even on social media and get them register through your referral link to get a commission of $5 each

4. Withdraw

After which you Withdraw your cash instantly through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and more.

Earning on this platform is very easy just like any other make money online platforms, all you need is a smartphone or laptop, Internet connection and your time.

Meanwhile I’m yet to reveal the legitimacy of this platform so continue reading.

How to earn on Cashandgo/Cash&go

First register, Your registration guarantee you of $25 sign up bonus.

To earn on this platform you will have to complete the task given, such as completing surveys, testing apps and games.

Refer or invite new members to join using your referrals link, and if anyone register successfully using your referrals link you will be giving $5 each for per referral.

Cashandgo Withdrawal System.

To withdraw on Cashandgo, you need to be eligible to withdraw, that is to say, there is a minimum withdrawal threshold for you to be able to withdraw.

As soon as you reach the minimum payout you can request for payout using the method of payment available, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and more.

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Now let’s get more serious with Cashandgo Review, Do you think all this sweet talks are actually accommodating?
Don’t you want to know if they are really paying or not….I was curious about someone getting paid with a proof.

I love getting myself involve in things with good proof. If there are no genuine proof, I back off.

Cashandgo Payment Proof

Upon the trends and so on, I was unable to find genuine payment proof. There are no payment proof at all in the internet.. Except the screenshot they place on their website that is edited.

Do you know how I was able to detect that it been edited? It’s the domain registration date. the website is very new and this platform came to existence in this year 2022 but there is a payment Screenshot of 2021.

Check Photo Below.

Cashandgo payment proof

Cashandgo payment proof
Cashandgo payment proof for 2021

Is Cashandgo legit/ Is scam

I really don’t wanna say this but I will say you have to be careful with these Cashandgo, There are no payment or whatsoever in the internet, While I was watching YouTube videos about this, I noticed that all the videos are from a particular channel, showing alot of earnings from his dashboard but none to convince me with real payment, he was only showing his dashboard.

I have a Video Below, which you can watch to clarify things, this lady is saying almost the same thing with me.

Cashandgo website is new, forget the fake payments information they placed on their website. They registered their domain name on 4/01/2022, Updated it on 2/05/2022 to expire on 4/01/2023, so I see no reason why they placed a payment screenshot of 2021 on their website.

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I don’t want to conclude that they are legit or Scam, I’m gonna leave you to make your decision.

You can watch this video.

Cashandgo Founder.

There are no founder information on the website nor on the internet, Meaning, the Founders/CEO is not ready to make himself/herself known to the public.


Cashandgo is a new trending make money online platform that allows you to earn by completing tasks but they are questionable and suspicious.

So I have to end my Cashandgo Review here, Do you think this post is not saying what the website really is ? You’re a user and you’ve successfully made a withdrawal, please drop a screenshot of your payment and I will be glad to amend this post.

Meanwhile, Thank you for taking your to read my Cashandgo Review, If you have any question or comment, please make use of the comment section below.

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