Brunowallet Review, How to Claim $11 Brunowallet Token For Free

Brunowallet Review

Brunowallet Review, Is Brunowallet legit or Scam

Welcome to Reviewpills, Today we are going to discuss about Brunowallet Review. I know that you want answers to the question, Is legit? Is Scam? And that is why you are here to read my Brunowallet Review to get answers to your doubting questions, Isn’t that right?

Making money online this days is very easy compared in those days, Although Scamming is very rampant nowadays, despite that You can make money online if you have a smartphone or laptop, a working internet connection and your time.

So you can see that everything becomes pretty easier, but the most important thing to consider while involving yourself in online money making platform is to get the right information about a particular platform in other not to be a victim of scam.

So today I am going to discuss with you about website that claim to pay users $11 free for registration. Anyways just relax and read this post to the end, You’ll love the detail information i got here for you.

By the time you are done reading this my Brunowallet Review you’ll be able to arrive at a decision whether to join Brunowallet or not. ( Is Brunowallet legit or Scam) Find out in this post.

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Without Further Ado, let’s get started Brunowallet Review.



Brunowallet is a decentralized wallet with auto-staking directly to your address in more than 10 different coins, so don’t worry about staking to your personal account and paying withdrawal fees.

All Users at Brunowallet earn daily percentage from auto-staking directly to their auto-staking address, Take note that Brunowallet does not store personal information and has no access to users’ funds.

If you user in Brunowallet then after registration you’ll receive a unique private key which is needed to access your account.

Your private key = your protection

Brunowallet Autostaking

Get passive income using a new kind of decentralized autostaking, Using decentralized autostaking users receive passive income directly to their address from where autostaking was activated

BRW Token / Brunowallet Token

BRW is a token created on the Ethereum network that will play a key role in the Bruno ecosystem and each BRW holder will have 0% commission when trading on Bruno DEX.

Also each BRW holder will have 0% withdrawal fee from Brunowallet.

Another thing is that every BRW holder will have 0% commission when using the NFT Marketplace.

Brunowallet Weekly ETH Lottery.

Every week Brunowallet holds a drawing for 1 ETH among BRW holders To enter the lottery you just need to hold 100,000 BRW at your address.

How does Brunowallet works

Firstly, You need to be a registered member on this platform( to start participating.

So if you want to register and get started, then you’re required to use this link to register and then complete the required sections to start participating in Brunowallet platform.

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Brunowallet Registration/Sign Up.

  • As stated earlier in the post, you can visit the official website address and start your registration.
  • The next thing to do is for you to input the required information like, Email Address, Username, Password, Phone Number if required.
  • After Inputting the required fields then Click on Register.

Then you are good to go.

Brunowallet Login

  • To login to your Dashboard, you will use same url
  • Go to the login section
  • Input your login details.
  • Then Click on Login.

Brunowallet Withdrawal.

Every participant is eligible to withdraw on this platform, as far as you meet up with the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Just provide your Wallet address and request for withdraw.

Brunowallet Referal / Brunowallet Affiliate Program.

The affiliate program for Brunowallet is for you to earn more from the platform.

To get started with the affiliate/referal program, you need to use your referral link given to you at the time of successful registration.

Use that referal link to invite or refer your friends and family. And if anyone of your invited friends use your link to register, Brunowallet will reward you 0.0025 ETH commission for each referrals.

You can earn even more by sharing your referral link on social media.

Brunowallet Payment Proof/ Is Brunowallet Paying ?

Unfortunately there are no recorded Brunowallet Payment Proof as of the time of writing this post. So I can’t guarantee you in this post whether they are really paying their users or not.

Is Brunowallet legit ?

I can’t tagged Brunowallet legit, As of now there are no payment details recorded anywhere, With this you and I need to keep calm and continue making further research to know if they are actually Legit.

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Talking about Brunowallet, website is relatively new, it website was launched in June 2022.

And no one knows the future of this platform, meaning you have to be extra careful.

Is Brunowallet Scam ?

Tagging Brunowallet Scam won’t be a good idea, Since there are no Scam issues found on the internet as of the time of writing this post. Although I will keep my eyes fixed and get you updated if I detect Scam issues while making further research about website.

Brunowallet Founder

The founder of website is not known to the public, I guess the owner is not ready to let the public know about him/her nor its team members.


We are going to end the Brunowallet review here, So tell me, are you okay with the information you got here so far, Is the post useful? Do you have any question or comment? You can drop a piece at the comment section below.

Meanwhile, If are already a user in this Brunowallet platform, can you please tell us your experience with them so far.

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