Bellezeke Reviews 2022, Is Bellezeke Website Legit or Scam?

Bellezeke Reviews

Bellezeke Reviews 2022, Are they Legit? Find Out.

Welcome my Friend, you are about to read my Bellezeke Reviews, In this review you will be able to determine if this so called Bellezeke is legit as they claimed to be. This Bellezeke Website sells women clothing and accessories.

Do you know why people like to wear high quality clothes, it’s because of the summer and they want to be more comfortable. If you are one of them that want cool and trendy clothes then Bellezeke Reviews is for you. And I know that you were able to find this article because of the Keyword Bellezeke Reviews.

Online shopping is one thing people from United States enjoy, because they can get their products from the comfort of their homes. Sit at home and then purchase whatever you want online and get your desire product at your door step.

And because of this, alot of online shopping websites are coming up every given day. However, we have to purchase our products from a verified websites. This is why you need to read this Bellezeke Reviews to the end in other to know their legitimacy.

About Website

Bellezeke is an Online Shopping Website that deals on shirts, summer shirts. linen pants, tops, jackets, skirts, coats and more women’s clothing, also they sell women accessories. According to them, all the clothes they sell are made of Cotton.

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Bellezeke started their journey in 2015 and intending to provide luxury to their customers through the means of comfortable outfits which are made of natural fabrics. If you check the website you will see that their outfits comes in different sizes and colours. Although it’s not yet time for you to start purchasing this products unless you are done reading this post to know if they are legit.

So at this point let’s check out website Specifications. specifications

Website Link:

Social Media: Bellezeke has Social Media Handles

Domain Name Age: Bellezeke Domain is More than 1 year.

Shipping Policy: Shipping is free worldwide with over $89

Delivery Time: Their delivery time on Business days are 10 – 20 days

Email Address: Here is the email address

Contact Number: There is no contact data available on the website.

Return Policy: Return Policy is within 30 Business days

Exchange Policy: Exchange Policy Statement on the website is not available right now.

Refund Policy: The Refund Policy is 3 to 10 working days

Newsletter: Yes,  Newsletter is available on the website.

Company Address: There is no official Company Details

Payment Modes: Bellezeke Payment Methods are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Bellezeke Reviews, If you still want to get more about the benefits and drawbacks of then check this for more.

Pros And Cons of Website.

Check out the advantage and disadvantage of purchasing from Bellezeke. Pros

  • Bellezeke offers Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • The website has secured SSL Protocol
  • Bellezeke provides Facebook Social Media Link Cons?

  • There is no exchange policy on the website
  • No owner or Founder details were found on the website, guess the CEO is not ready to disclose its details to the public.
  • The products are very cost
  • There is no customer support service on the website.

Is Bellezeke Legit?

Online Fraud is no longer new to us as far as we are still on the internet era, People enjoy relaxing at home while purchasing whatever they like using Online stores, therefore scammers will always come with new method to make sure they Scam them.

So take precautions while planning on making online purchase, because scammers will definitely try to mislead you.

Consider this following points before purchasing on Bellezeke website.

Domain Creation Date: The domain was created on 24/03/2021

Domain Expiration: The domain expiry date is 24/03/2023

Content Quality: The Contents on the website are not original, that is to say that they are copied from other websites.

Owners Details: The CEO of Bellezeke is not found on the website.

Policies: The policy statement on the website is not unique and it was taken from other phishing sites.

Customer Reviews: Customers review about Bellezeke are not available on the website.

Alexa Rank: Alexa rank of  Bellezeke is just 819809, this means that it is a relatively unknown website.

Unrealistic Discounts: The products discounts are not realistic on the website as some of the products are available at a 50% discount.

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Trust Score: The trust score of Bellezeke is 14 percent which is too poor for a website of this kind.

Index Rank: The Bellezeke website index rank is 58.2. this is mediocre.

Address Originality: There is no company’s address details on the website.

Social media links: The website social media links are accessible which is good.

Let’s now head on to the customer reviews.

Customer’s Bellezeke Reviews

Customers reviews keep a Website Valuable but unfortunately there is no product reviews by customers on their website, And none to talk of on other platforms.

This is a sign that this Bellezeke website is not trusted, so therefore is not recommended, as such do not purchase any product from them.

Final Verdicts

According to the research and the information gathered from the website, they are online shopping store that deals on skirts, shirts, jackets, Coats, dresses, tops and other women’s clothing including accessories.

But unfortunately they are not reliable, there is nothing worth mentioning about this Bellezeke website.

So it’s up to you to examine more about “Bellezeke Reviews” make further research about them until you find an information that is reliable.

If you have something to contribute or questions concerning this article, you can use the comment section below. Meanwhile we have come to the closure of this article. Thank you for stopping by to read from Reviewpills.

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