86fb Football Review 2022, Is 86fb.com legit or Scam.

86fb Football Review 2022

86fb Football Review 2022, Is 86fb.com legit or Scam.

Welcome to Reviewpills on 86fb Football Review 2022, In this review we want to let you know that 86fb is not what you think it is now. There are alot of outburst in the internet, Saying 86fb Football is Scam and all that. So in this review we want you to know the real gist about 86fb and if it’s it’s Legit or Scam.

And for those that are just hearing about it for the first time, Or maybe you were making research for something else and you bomb into this article, Relax and and read this post to the end, you will sure get all the information you need about this platform.

Talking about 86fb Football Review. What do you think is the work of this platform, Am sure you want to know everything about this so called 86fb.

Meanwhile, In this review, You will get to know what 86fb Football is, The history of 86fb Football, How 86fb Football works and lot more.

So without further ado, Let’s get you to the deal of the day.

What is 86fb Football

86fb is an online Investment platform were you make money simply by playing games, And the possibility of winning is 96 percent.

86fb was founded in the year 2015, According the the information gathered in the official website.

Going further, it is said to be one of the City Football Groups Company. And it’s a Football related businesses, which is Academics, Football Clubs, Technical Assistance and marketing films are located around the world and they are in the major cities.

The reason for this 86fb existed was that, they want off field football Engagement and all that, were you can find and analyse to get best match results and great talent.

Their plan was to develop a sustainable and socially responsible Organisation, With this project idea, Making simple Investment, and playing attractive football became possible.

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It is said that this platform’s football franchise collaborates with William Hill to combine probability and analytics.

History of 86FB Football

If we review the platform According to public data revealed on the official website, 86FB owners said that its platform was established in 2015 but in actual reality, 86FB.com was first spotted on the internet in 2009 and it was a website used for showing Various tutorials about legendary games and PlayStations and the website title was “86 Game Release Network”  with the Name  86 game publishing network.

Also, the affiliated web domains linked to 86FB which are 86z and 86w had been in existence ranging from 2001 before their owners cannot maintain the websites and it was dumped, not until presently it is used as the powerhouse of the latest betting Ponzi or should I say betting investment.

86FB Claims that they work/are affiliated with City Football Group and William Hill Betting, a claim that is not true after investigations we discovered that the platform is owned by a Nigerian and not the so called Chinese man they claim that own it.

How does 86fb football Works.

I know you still want to know the details of everything so here is how this 86fb works.

The first thing required from this football Investment platform is to register and when you are done registering, you will be given 3 games to play in every given day and with 3 games you play you are to profit 3%.

This method of betting is not like the normal one you know of, this one is just like a reverse game, let me make you to understand what I mean by reverse betting.

In this method of betting, you will be given a game of 3-0 to play and you will only win if the game are different from what they gave you to play but if the game end at same 3-0 you will loose the game.

In addition, you will not loose automatically as far as you play the game given to you by your group, If all at you loose the game the team will refund your deposit 100%

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But then you cannot get back your deposit if you didn’t play the game given by the group, With that you automatically loose the game and there will be no refund.

It is said that you don’t need to be a Pro in playing this 86fb football game. And of course that is well understood, because if you are not a fan of sports you can make money in this Platform, though that was before the Scam tag came to play.

So with a registration fee of #3500 you join the platform.

Unfortunately, am not talking you to join the platform, because this platform is tagged SCAM.

Let’s continue pushing forward with the reading, you are here to get the right update and that is what am giving you here.

Keep going on, you will know if this 86fb Facebook betting is actually Scam or not.

New 86fb Football Update 2022

Unbelievably the Almighty 86FB Football which is said to be an investment platform that claims that they focuses on football and works with William Hill, a global online gambling company based in London, England, to integrate probability and statistics, may have just crashed.

This update comes in as quite a great number of high profile Ponzi investments have crashed in Nigeria in recent times and more is still crashing. The platform claims that it’s owner company based in Abu Dhabi, and to be owned by City Football Group which was later discovered to not be owned by the Abu Dhabi based company which owns Manchester City Football Club in England, all of this was a complete lie.

It was recalled that the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) recently announced it is set to arrest four Ponzi scheme operators across Nigeria within the next few weeks and this 86fb is inclusive.

This the breaking news everyone is talking about, 86fb Football is no more and it has crashed.

Is 86fb Football legit or scam

With this update, you can tell that this platform is a complete scam, I remember when I was introduced by a friend to join this scheme, but something in me tell me that it’s another bigger scam..

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Though she sounded convincing that the platform is legit and not scam so she decided to add me to their WhatsApp group, and of course I didn’t argue about it, I joined the group to get informed. I begin to see and read their updates on how they play the game but still I was not convinced enough to join the 86fb football betting scheme.

At a time, I noticed I was not getting updates from the group anymore. Everywhere was calm, before then I will get up to thousands of messages popping up.

And I was like is everything okay with this platform, though I keep my cool.

But there was a day I went to YouTube to make research About Arbitrage Opportunities and to my surprise I saw a video about 86fb Football being Scam. I was curious so I make further research about it and boom… THEY ARE SCAM.

Yes you heard me right, they are Scam. Don’t ever plan on joining this betting scheme or except you are someone that likes throwing away money. LOL.

Who is the Founder of 86fb Football

Talking about the Founder, the man/woman behind this betting scheme is hidden. Though According to Authenticng.com 86fb Football was founded by a Nigerian name ALOZIE CHIDIEBUBE CHIMUANYA. Though because of privacy and Security reasons we decided to withhold other informations concerning the person behind the 86fb betting scheme.

Meanwhile, William Hill Team has denied Affiliation to 86FB Football, meaning what they said about William Hill are all fabricated lies.


Hey there, you are Super. You actually read to the end, I can see we are somehow related, When I want to get a real information I read to the end.

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